The mission of Color Explorers is to provide a curated collection of resources for open ended explorations of color in the classroom and the studio.

Color Explorers was founded by Maggie Maggio of Smashing Color.  Maggie cares deeply about giving her students the opportunity to experiment and play with color in ways that integrate the art and science of color. Color is a complex subject. To make your color adventures less scary, it helps to have a few special tools to pack into your kit bag when you enter the wilderness of color. 

compass, maps, field guides and Color Explorers  tools for exploring 21st Century Color will empower them to play with color in both art and science, building a strong foundation for understanding how color works.

Photography courtesy of Vibe of Portland.


Prism Studies

Science based

Explore the science of color by conducting fun, age appropriate experiments with prisms and lights.

VIbe-red handed.jpg

Hands on

The best way to learn about color is to get your hands dirty!




 Projects are designed to encourage students creativity and teach the expressive nature of color.