Color is one of the core concepts that all children are expected to know before starting school. In preschool, or at home, very child is taught to count, to say the alphabet, to recognize shapes and to name colors. 

Across the world, the educational standards for children - the common core - all include age appropriate concepts about color. Why is teaching color so important?


Preschool Concepts

Core Concept #1    Sorting
Core Concept #2    Naming

Kindergarten Concepts

Core Concept #3    Coloring Materials
Core Concept #4  Primary Colors

Elementary School Concepts

Core Concept #5  Tints,Tones & Shades
Core Concept #6  Expressive Color

Middle School Concepts

Core Concept #7  Complementary Color
Core Concept #8    Hue Harmonies
Core Concept #9  Optical Color
Core Concept #10 Computer Color